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.007 TUTORIAL ron/hermione

OMG thank you! Impervius is working agian! Now I can finally finish up these tutorials! This one was requested by dirrtysecrets_ *sorry for the wait!*

We are going from this from Impervius to

Okay .. I have realized my steps aren't really steps more like big jumbles of things. So I dont think I am going to post "step 01" and "step 02" anymore. You are just going to have to read carefully.

.\ You are going to take your screencap, crop it and re-size it until it is about 88x69. Well yours doesnt have to be that, obviously, but thats the usual size i make mine.
.\ Then sharpen it once, duplicate - desaturate / 50%, duplicate unsaturated - screen / 70%, merge visible
.\ Go to Image> Canvas size> 100x100. Add a new layer under the picture and fill it with white.
.\ Add a new layer above the picture, take a gray color (#C0C0C0) and with you default line brush make two lines. One beneath it and one above it.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

.\ New layer. Take a dark color (#0B343B) set to exclusion / 60%. Delete around the picture.
.\ I used this gradient, by me, set it to difference / 10%. Delete around the picture again.
.\ Add another new layer. Using this gradient, by me, set it to lighten / 100%.
.\ Duplicate the base, drag it to the top, set it to soft light / 100%

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

.\ Add a new layer under the soft light layer. Set this light texture, by colorfilter, to screen. Then position it how you want and erase the parts covering their face. What you should have
.\ Time for text. I wrote "sexual tension" in Georgia, 5pt, then I flipped & mirrored it. You can do whatever you like ^-^ and now your done.

Hope it helps and wasn't too hard to follow. I would love to see what you all came up with. ^-^
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